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07 Nov 2022

Sprinkler System Blow Out

As the winter months approach remember to have your sprinkler system winterized to prevent frozen and damaged pipes. Dr. Sprinkler Repair, CO. is here to help make your workload lighter. To keep your sprinkler system in great condition our professional sprinkler technicians can blow it out. Give us a call today at (719) 357-6682.

19 Oct 2022

Winter and What it Does for Sprinklers









Snow is in the forecast and this is good news if you like to ski. It is not so much good news for your sprinklers. Winterizing sprinklers is when the remaining water in the pipes is blown out emptying the pipes of any leftover water. This prevents ice forming from expanding which will cause the pipe to burst.

With sprinklers, it is better to be safe than sorry. Sprinkler Master is there for your winterization needs, and our experts will help get your system ready to last the winter

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04 Aug 2022

Fix Dry Spots in Lawn

How to Remove Dry Spots from your Lawn in Colorado Springs

Dr Sprinkler (Colorado Springs) (719) 357-6682

sprinkler repairs in palmer lake

Causes of Dry Spots

Improperly Adjusted Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler systems are usually designed to keep your grass green and well-watered throughout the year, and usually they do a good job of that! But oftentimes when a sprinkler system is getting old or is just not quite installed right, dry spots can occur.

To tell if your sprinkler system could be the culprit of your dry spots in your lawn, run your sprinkler system! When the zone where the dry spot is runs, inspect it. Watch to see if water reaches where the dry spot is. If you're not getting enough spray to that area, than a sprinkler head might need to be adjusted. If there's no way to adjust the sprinkler to reach, then you may even need to add a sprinkler head to the zone!

Need help installing a new sprinkler head? Call Dr. Sprinkler at (719) 357-6682!

Insect/Pest Damage

Dry spots aren't always caused by sprinklers or a lack of water. Occassionally insects can be the cause, and that can be extremely frustrating! These dry spots can vary in size and severity, but if you know that water is reaching an area, and it just won't get green? Try using a pesticide that won't harm your lawn! Ask your local hardware or plant store for advice, and they can point you in the right direction.

Other Tips

If these haven't solved your problem, there are still many more causes. From suburned grass and soil that won't take moisture to improper fertilizer habits, the list might never seem to end. But remember that your grass is a plant, and it does need to be cared for. Make sure that your lawn is aerated regularly, has good ph levels in the soil, and is getting the right nutrients from fertilizers. Always make sure your grass has enough water to be happy, green and lush.

Remember that if you take care of your lawn, it will take care of you! From looking good, to being comfortable to walk on, to even lowering the temperature of your property, a good lawn is extrememly beneficial to have.

For all your irrigation needs, remember, Colorado Springs Dr. Sprinkler is here to help!

02 Jun 2022

How To Fix a Broken Sprinkler Head

Dr. Sprinkler Repair in Colorado Springs (801) 988-9671

How to Replace a Sprinkler Head (with videos at the bottom of the page)

Sprinkler systems are amazing tools. They save us time, save our grass, and can even save water. But every once in a while there's something that has to be fixed.

Do you need to replace a sprinkler head in your sprinkler system? Don't worry. There are a few ways to do this fast, and easy.

The easiest way for you is to find a sprinkler expert near you. If you don't know how to replace it yourself, you risk doing damage to your home and property. Any repairs you try to do yourself are done at your own risk, but if you call a sprinkler technician to do it for you, they don't only know what they're doing, but they should also be licensed and insured, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Call Dr. Sprinkler at (801) 988-9671 to get your sprinkler heads replaced quickly by the professionals in Colorado Springs!


How Do I replace a Sprinkler Head Myself?

If you're interested in learning how to replace a sprinkler head yourself, just do so at your own risk. Dr. Sprinkler is not responsible for any damage you do to your own property attempting DIY fixes.

If you still want to learn how to replace a sprinkelr system, it's relatively simple. The first step is to recongize what type of sprinkler it is you're trying to replace. A pop-up sprinkler are little sprinklers that spray in a fan, and don't rotate or move at all. A rotor sprinkler is a slightly larger sprinkler that pops up and rotates smoothly on gears to spray in an arc. And finally, an impact sprinkler will have a hammer that goes back and forth, knocking the sprinkler in an arc.

Want Help with your Sprinklers? Call Dr. Sprinkler in Colorado Springs!

Not in Colorado Springs? Find Dr. Sprinkler Near You!

Once you've determined the type of sprinkler you need to replace, take the body of the sprinkler (the housing part that stays still at the bottom of a sprinkler, not the part that pops up and down), wiggle it around back and forth to compress the soil around the sprinkler, and then unscrew the sprinkler counterclockwise off of the fitting below (again by the housing, not the part that moves up and down). When this comes out of the ground, get a replacement sprinkler that has the same size fitting thread on the bottom. If the threaded hole on the bottom of the replacement sprinkler is different than the original, it won't fit into the same place.

If the sprinkler's fitting hole is the same size, simply put the new sprinkler in the same hole, and turn clockwise until the sprinkler is tight. From here, all you need to do is adjust the sprinkler! For more information, watch the videos below!

Video Resources:

How to Replace a Sprinkler Head

How to Adjust Rainbird Sprinkler Heads

How to Adjust Orbit Sprinkler Heads


11 Nov 2021

Professional Christmas Lights near Rush

Professional Christmas Lights near Rush

The holidays can be a busy time of year which is why we are offering professional Christmas lights near Rush. It can be hard to find the time to do everything— especially the longer, more exhausting jobs such as hanging up the Christmas lights. The thought of untangling the lights, then getting up on a ladder to try and make sure that they are hanging straight and there are no extension cords hanging around can be a stressful task— and we’re here to tell you that it’s one you no longer have to worry about.

Lighting Master is exactly that— Christmas light installation professionals. We remove any stress or worry about hanging the lights, making sure they are perfect and then removing and storing them when the holidays are over. So you can enjoy the magic that comes with this special time of year with those who matter most, without having to worry about hanging up the Christmas lights!

Call us at (719) 357-6682 or text to book your installation. There is no time like the present to start checking off your holiday to-do list. (And we are offering 10% off this week)

Professional Christmas Lights near Rush

11 Nov 2021

Professional Christmas Lights near Ramah

Professional Christmas Lights near Ramah

We provide professional Christmas lights near Ramah, Colorado Why mess with tangled Christmas lights and wires that don’t work half the time, climb scary ladders, and roof top close calls. Let us transform your home or business into a winter wonderland or a simple yet elegant design. We provide Christmas light installations for residential clients. Our lighting installers carefully design each project, provide quality lights, and professionally install to optimize each property and aesthetic appeal. We create customized lighting and designs for the holidays and special events in order to bring memorable ambiance, experiences, and smiles.

We’re proud of the thousands of residential and business clients in Ramah Colorado,  who come back to us every year to create the magic that a professional Holiday light installation can bring. Christmas decor can be stressful and oftentimes even pose safety risks. Let us relive that burden so you can enjoy this special time of year with family, friends, and clients. Our holiday light hanging experts provide superior customer service and take great pride in providing high-quality, clean, professional lighting installations.

(719) 357-6682 Call or text 

Don’t delay, we are offering 10% off this week only!


Professional Christmas Lights near Ramah

11 Nov 2021

Professional Christmas Lights near Peyton

Professional Christmas Lights near Peyton

Are you all tangled up with Holiday Decorating and looking for professional Christmas lights near Peyton? De-stress your holiday by leaving your exterior decorating to Premier Christmas Lights! We’ll hang lights and put up all your decorations, giving you more time to enjoy the holiday season. 

Contact us today for a free Christmas light installation quote. All of our installations come with a free lighting design plan. We are happy to provide innovative and gorgeous ideas, as well as work with your outdoor holiday lighting dreams to come up with a truly unique and beautiful holiday lighting experience.

Our Service includes:

  • Free Estimate
  • Professional Installation
  • Around the clock service
  • Removal in January

We do everything for you:

  • You select the lights
  • We put them up
  • We take them down

Call or text (719) 357-6682 today for a FREE quote

Professional Christmas Lights near Peyton

11 Nov 2021

Professional Christmas Lights near Palmer Lake

Professional Christmas Lights near Palmer Lake

Twinkling Christmas lights are one of our favorite parts of the Christmas season and installing professional Christmas lights near Palmer Lake. We love seeing them hanging from rooftops and wrapped around trees. The holiday season is a wondrous time of the year, but if you’re the one climbing the ladders, untangling the lights. or even just trying to plan your outdoor lighting display can become quite stressful. Eliminate the stress by using Lighting Master to install your Christmas lighting displays. We are residential outdoor light installers. We will design a unique and beautiful outdoor light installation and professionally install it, we have years of experience. Lighting Master will maintain the lighting throughout the holiday season and remove it once the season is over.

As professional Christmas light installers, we want to install outdoor Christmas lights and decorations that complement and enhance your residence. We know how the holidays can bring joy as well as stress. We’d love to create more joy and reduce stress by installing holiday lighting to make your home or business as beautiful as it can be.

Make your home a holiday showcase with professionally installed Christmas lights.


Professional Christmas Lights near Palmer Lake

Call or text (719) 357-6682 today for a FREE estimate.

11 Nov 2021

Professional Christmas Lights near Monument

Professional Christmas Lights near Monument

Do the bright lights and festive fun of the holiday season put you into a jubilant mood and are you looking for professional Christmas lights near Monument? If you love the Christmas season and everything it has to offer, you also most likely love the look and feel of holiday lights at your home. While the universal appeal of holiday lights and bright Christmas decorations may be enough to inspire you to untangle your stored strands of lights and haul out the old ladder to hang them up, we understand that not everyone wants to go through the intense labor required for hanging holiday lights. If you fall into the latter camp, Light Master has just the service for you. We proudly serve the Salt Lake County area, offering professional Christmas light installation services to everyone who needs a slight boost of Christmas spirit this year.

Professional Christmas Lights near Monument

Call (719) 357-6682 today for a FREE quote 

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11 Nov 2021

Professional Christmas Lights near Manitou Springs

Professional Christmas Lights near Manitou Springs

We are your one-stop-shop for custom holiday lighting design, installation, maintenance, take-down, and storage for professional Christmas lights near Manitou Springs. We specialize in both residential and commercial holiday light design, bringing your vision to life! If you’re like most homeowners in Manitou Springs, hanging holiday lights and decor isn’t your favorite Christmas tradition. It’s difficult, time-consuming, and dangerous! Ladder accidents are one of the leading causes of home-related injuries every year. Avoid the hassle this season and call the professionals at Lighting Master to help.

We are locally owned and operated by the trusted home service provider, Dr. Sprinkler. Our fully insured and bonded field technicians are experienced professionals who are ready to transform your home for the holiday season. For a free consultation and to discuss your design concept, call (719) 357-6682 or click the link to schedule a free estimate.  We look forward to lighting up your home and office this holiday season, and for many to come.

Professional Christmas lights near Manitou Springs