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13 Sep 2019

Sprinkler Winterization for Colorado Springs Call 719-357-6682

Colorado is well known for its high altitude and cold weather, in fact, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Colorado Springs was -26 degrees! Freezing cold winters will do a lot of damage to your sprinkler system if it’s not protected properly. That’s why Dr. Sprinkler Repair Colorado Springs (719-357-6682) offers top-notch sprinkler winterizations and blow-outs for El Paso County residents.

Our technicians will use a simple process to ensure that your sprinklers are blown-out properly. They start by making sure your sprinkler system is completely turned off. They will then use a commercial air compressor to blow out all the water that is still in the system. The final step is to shut down the backflow and set your sprinkler timer for winter use.

Call the experts at Dr. Sprinkler Colorado Springs at 719-357-6682 to get your sprinklers winterized and protected in El Paso County, Colorado! For more tips on how to prepare your lawn for winter check out the links below!





12 Jul 2019

3 Ways a New Sprinkler System Will Help You!

At Dr. Sprinkler Colorado Springs we are known for our expert sprinkler repairs but something you may not know is that we also install brand new sprinkler systems! So, what are the advantages of getting an automatic sprinkler system installed by Dr. Sprinkler? 


More Family Time

Getting an automatic sprinkler system installed will save you a lot of time! We all know the struggles that come with trying to water your lawn on your own; constantly moving hoses, struggling to find the perfect spots on your lawn to water all of your grass, or getting up bright and early to water your grass before it gets too hot. Our technicians are experts at installing and adjusting sprinkler heads just right to make sure your lawn is totally covered and will set your timer to turn your sprinklers on right when you want them to. Avoiding all the hassles of watering on your own will free up time for you to go spend time with your family, doing the things you want to do instead of worrying about your lawn. 

Saves You Money

Anyone who has ever received a high water bill knows that the water we use isn’t cheap. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, about 50% of the water we use to water our lawns is wasted. This is usually due to overwatering and watering things that don’t need to be watered (sidewalks, sheds, and fences just to name a few). Automatic sprinkler systems can be set to water only as long as your yard needs it, and automatic sprinkler heads are easy to adjust to cover just your lawn. This will save you a lot of water and in turn save you a lot of money! 


Adds Value to Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home in El Paso County a new sprinkler system will definitely add some value. When people come and see your home not only will they notice how beautiful your lawn looks but they will realize how easy it can be for them to maintain that beauty. Installing an automatic sprinkler system is an investment that will pay for itself as long as it’s done correctly. That’s why it’s important to hire professionals, such as our techs at Dr. Sprinkler Colorado Springs, to make sure your sprinkler system is done right. 




So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to save money and upgrade your home, call Dr. Sprinkler Colorado Springs at (719) 357-6682!

09 May 2019

Dr. Sprinkler, Premium Sprinkler Repair in El Paso County

Dr. Sprinkler is the premier sprinkler repair company of El Paso County. Our technicians are expertly trained and can solve all of your sprinkler problems. Whether it’s leaky pipes, busted sprinkler heads, or anything in between we’ve got you covered. Call us today to get expert sprinkler repairs in El Paso County!

We service the following areas:

Colorado Springs



Manitou Springs

Palmer Lake


Green Mountain Falls


17 Jan 2019

Get a Green Lawn with Dr. Sprinkler

We all want a green lawn this summer but we all know how much work that takes. Dr. Sprinkler Repair Colorado Springs is here to help make your workload lighter. We specialize in keeping your lawn healthy with our intensive knowledge of sprinkler repairs and installations. Give us a call today at (719) 357-6682 to help your lawn look great this year!

17 Jan 2019

Get Your Sprinklers Running Smoothly With Dr. Sprinkler

With the high elevation and cold winter months in Colorado it can be hard to get your lawn ready for spring and summer time. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair , CO we want to help you out by making sure your sprinkler system is running smoothly. We can do it all from the simplest repairs to the biggest installations. Call us at (719) 357-6682 to get your sprinklers fixed so your lawn will be ready for summer!