How to Remove Dry Spots from your Lawn in Colorado Springs

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Causes of Dry Spots

Improperly Adjusted Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler systems are usually designed to keep your grass green and well-watered throughout the year, and usually they do a good job of that! But oftentimes when a sprinkler system is getting old or is just not quite installed right, dry spots can occur.

To tell if your sprinkler system could be the culprit of your dry spots in your lawn, run your sprinkler system! When the zone where the dry spot is runs, inspect it. Watch to see if water reaches where the dry spot is. If you're not getting enough spray to that area, than a sprinkler head might need to be adjusted. If there's no way to adjust the sprinkler to reach, then you may even need to add a sprinkler head to the zone!

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Insect/Pest Damage

Dry spots aren't always caused by sprinklers or a lack of water. Occassionally insects can be the cause, and that can be extremely frustrating! These dry spots can vary in size and severity, but if you know that water is reaching an area, and it just won't get green? Try using a pesticide that won't harm your lawn! Ask your local hardware or plant store for advice, and they can point you in the right direction.

Other Tips

If these haven't solved your problem, there are still many more causes. From suburned grass and soil that won't take moisture to improper fertilizer habits, the list might never seem to end. But remember that your grass is a plant, and it does need to be cared for. Make sure that your lawn is aerated regularly, has good ph levels in the soil, and is getting the right nutrients from fertilizers. Always make sure your grass has enough water to be happy, green and lush.

Remember that if you take care of your lawn, it will take care of you! From looking good, to being comfortable to walk on, to even lowering the temperature of your property, a good lawn is extrememly beneficial to have.

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