Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) Sprinkler WaterHave you ever heard of the expression “out of the woods?” According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means to be “out of danger or difficulty.” During this point of the year, you might be thinking to yourself that your lawn and your sprinkler system are “out of the woods.” We know you’re not here for a lesson on literature, but here at Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO), we do know a thing or two about lawn care and sprinkler repairs. It’d be safe to say that your lawn or sprinkler system is never fully “out of the woods.” There’s enough uncertainty in weather patterns, accidents, or misuse that no lawn or sprinkler system is ever fully safe. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to slow down the process.

Sprinkler Repairs & More are a Call Away!

You wouldn’t want a lawyer to help you with emergency surgery, so why would you let anyone else other than a sprinkler doctor prescribe treatments for your lawn or sprinkler system? By calling Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) today at (719) 357-6682, everything you’ll need in quality, expert lawn care service will be at your disposal. Our services are wide and expansive to allow every possibility of customer satisfaction. We specialize in meeting your needs and hearing your wants all while offering quality services such as:

  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler System Repair
  • Sprinkler Valve Replacement
  • Winterizing Sprinkler Systems
  • Sprinkler Blowouts
  • Fixing Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Moving & Replacing Busted Sprinkler Piping
  • … And More!

No matter the time of year, sometimes your sprinkler system or lawn may be stuck in the woods entirely, and you may not know what to do. Don’t let that happen, by calling Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) today at (719) 357-6682! In addition to our quality services, we also only believe in using quality parts and products to back up our work ethic. Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) exclusively uses parts and products from Rainbird, Hunter, Orbit, and Toro.

Click here to read more about these trusted brands and why we use them!

We Come To You!dr sprinkler repair

If you feel like your irrigation system is stuck in the woods, don’t worry for a second, because Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) comes to serve you, wherever you are in El Paso County, CO. Rest easy and don’t waste your time going out to some other company that’ll only ultimately still find a way to waste your time. Call Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) today at (719) 357-6682 to get serviced where you’re at, and check out the areas of El Paso County, CO that we cover below, including:

Unlike other doctors, Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) doesn’t have the main office you can come to. We bring the prescriptions and the office to you, serving your needs and making sure that you love the way your lawn looks, and how your sprinkler system operates. Call us today to see for yourself why the Dr. is always in with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) at (719) 357-6682.

Listed & Reviewed: We Stack Up

Ignorance isn’t always bliss, because at Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) we know that we’re not your only option for the self-reported “best sprinkler service near me.” There’s competition out there that may do a better job than us to one degree or another, but there’s something to be said about the quality and consistency of reviews and online listings. We measure up to earn your service. Whether it’s with Facebook, Google, Yelp, Bing, or some other site, Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) is recommended across the board. Positive reviews are the life-blood of small businesses, and we’ve earned a lot of respect and trust in the 10+ years we’ve been in business. We’re ready to earn your respect and trust too. Check out the images below to see what we mean about the positivity found in our reviews and online listings:


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When it comes to choosing quality in a sprinkler repair or sprinkler installation company, nothing quite beats the doctors’ orders with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO). As shown above, our location servicing, services offered, and reviews are just part of the reason why we’re the company that can get your lawn and your sprinkler system “out of the woods” — for good. Call us today at (719) 357-6682 to schedule an appointment and see for yourself why Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) can solve all your sprinkler needs with ease.

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