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•Lawn sprinkler repair-we can fix any broken sprinkler

About Us:  We cover sprinkler repair for all of El Paso County Colorado.  Our main focus is on all things lawn sprinklers system. 


We focus on lawn sprinkler repair and maintenance, upgrades new installations if you find you’re getting dry spots in your lawn

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•Lawn sprinkler repair-we can fix any broken sprinkler!

Common problems that people have with their lawn sprinklers in Colorado Springs are. 


  • lawn sprinklers won’t turn off,
  • Garden sprinkler timer not working,
  • Broken sprinkler,
  • Broken sprinkler pipes,
  • Sprinkler valve box filling up with water,
  • Sprinkler zone won’t turn on,


 Common problems in Colorado Springs for dry spots include,


Broken sprinkler heads:  a broken sprinkler can cause lots of water loss up to 10,000 gallons per month.  We can fix rotor or pop-up sprinklers and get the coverage on your lawn you need.


Low pressure on sprinklers: Most likely low water pressure is caused by a broken pipe in your system.  Broken or cracked sprinkler pipes are usually caused by winter from not being winterized properly. With our sprinkler expertise, we can find-replace broken pipes for your sprinkler system. 


Too many sprinkler heads:  a sprinkler system in Colorado Springs is limited to what size pipe and PSI you have in your sprinkler system. To many Sprinkler heads on a sprinkler system are poorly designed and have too many heads or if pressure is decreased it will cause speakers not to spray right.   to have much water come out of them and not spray functional right.


Call  Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs CO) doctor sprinkler Colorado Springs we install the best sprinkler systems and repair all the rest. (719) 357-6682










•Lawn sprinkler repair-we can fix any broken sprinkler!
•Lawn sprinkler repair-we can fix any broken sprinkler!
•Lawn sprinkler repair-we can fix any broken sprinkler!