Colorado is well known for its high altitude and cold weather, in fact, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Colorado Springs was -26 degrees! Freezing cold winters will do a lot of damage to your sprinkler system if it’s not protected properly. That’s why Dr. Sprinkler Repair Colorado Springs (719-357-6682) offers top-notch sprinkler winterizations and blow-outs for El Paso County residents.

Our technicians will use a simple process to ensure that your sprinklers are blown-out properly. They start by making sure your sprinkler system is completely turned off. They will then use a commercial air compressor to blow out all the water that is still in the system. The final step is to shut down the backflow and set your sprinkler timer for winter use.

Call the experts at Dr. Sprinkler Colorado Springs at 719-357-6682 to get your sprinklers winterized and protected in El Paso County, Colorado! For more tips on how to prepare your lawn for winter check out the links below!