Summer is over. Fall and Winter weather, for the most part, has already settled into El Paso County, CO weeks ago. Cold weather brings many good things, like holidays, sports, and hot cocoa, but it also brings some dangerous things to your life as well. Winter weather makes for some nasty damage to your irrigation system if it’s not prepared and winterized correctly. Water that’s left in your pipes can freeze and burst main water lines, and more, creating headaches on top of what you already have to worry about.

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However, a call to Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) can make those headaches go away faster than you can dial (719) 357-6682. Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) are your sprinkler winterization experts, and we’re here to help you have security and security. Your lawn can go through a lot; take the Dr.’s orders to keep it healthy year-round!

Why Winterize with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO)?

Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) specializes in sprinkler winterization, blowouts, and more in the fall and winter months. We also specialize in the same great Sprinkler Master mantra of using quality parts, service, and expertise at an affordable price! A call at (719) 357-6682 gets you that manta, and more when it comes to sprinkler winterization and our other services! Our winterization process is simple enough that we’ve condensed it to 5 steps that you can read here!

An additional benefit of calling Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) at (719) 357-6682 is the reach of our service locations. By contacting us today at (719) 357-6682, you’ll be eligible for Dr. Sprinkler Repair services in the following areas around El Paso County:

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Be sure to call Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) today at (719) 357-6682 to schedule your appointment for sprinkler winterization!

Dr. Sprinkler Repair’s Sprinkler Winterization & More

It’s no secret that irrigation companies, like ourselves, operate primarily in the summer months. Sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair are in full swing, and business is booming. However, one thing that sets Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) apart from other irrigation companies is that we remain open and helpful for you year-round. In the coldest months, we’re ready to help you, your lawn, and your irrigation system run at 100%. No matter the situation, there’s nothing Dr. Sprinkler Repair can’t handle to get you satisfied with installations, repairs, winterization, and more. Call today to schedule an appointment at (719) 357-6682!


Whether you’re in the market for sprinkler winterization or not, Dr. Sprinkler Repair can help. However many problems you feel like your lawn may have, Dr. Sprinkler Repair can help. Additionally, if you want a healthy lawn this winter through spring, give the Dr. a call at (719) 357-6682. Similarly, by calling Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO), get the peace of mind you deserve. We are here to service you in all the ways you need. Winters can be rough, but Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) can make them more bearable by winterizing your sprinkler system today! Call (719) 357-6682 to schedule an appointment today!

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