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18 Mar 2020

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In case you need any more reason to trust Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs CO), (719) 357-6682, here are some positive reviews to help you know who to trust, and who to call for all your sprinkler repair, sprinkler winterizing and sprinkler installation needs! 

Our location, which services the majority of El Paso County, boasts a 5-star rating across 23 reviews.


Positive Review, Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO)

We help people like Richard with our “efficiency and affordability.”


Klaus, Colorado Springs, CO Dr. Sprinkler Review

We also help people like Klaus by being on time, and by going the extra mile to make any additional repairs.


Dr. Sprinkler Repair Colorado Springs Pos. Review

We’ve also helped people like Matthew by being a neighborhood company that prides itself on exceptional work.


Dr. Sprinkler Repair Positive Review Colorado Springs, CO

We help people like Carl by making sure you matter to us.


Dr. Sprinkler Repair positive review

We’ve helped people like Katie by being a go-to source of help.

We also have more positive reviews here.

At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO), we are also able to help you. There is no problem too big, or too small for us to do in helping you be satisfied with your lawn. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO), we specialize in sprinkler repair, sprinkler installation, drip irrigation, lawn irrigation repair, sprinkler system leak repair, and everything else in between. Don’t hesitate to call us today! (719) 357-6682

16 Mar 2020

Best Lawn Practices — Dr’s Orders from Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO)

Sprinkler Maintenance Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO)

At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) (719) 357-6682, we want to help you get the most out of your lawn. That includes any installation or repair work you may ever need. We are always ready to serve the needs of the customer, and we recognize that you are the king when it comes to your lawn. We work for and with you to make it the best. You can count on our expert, timely, and quality service and parts to get the job when you need it the most, or even when you least expect it throughout all of El Paso County.

However, we also know that tips and tricks go a long way to maintaining the look of your lawn. With over a decade of expertise under our belts, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two. Take a look at these tools to make your lawn healthy and well for years to come:

Water early in the day

Watering your lawn pre-dawn will allow for the sun and evaporation to operate most efficiently to allow healthy growth to your lawn. Avoid watering at night, as that allows water to settle in the grass, causing fungal problems.

Get good coverage through sprinkler head positionSprinkler Repair Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs,CO)

This is where we could be of assistance! The best place for your sprinklers to be is to provide a slight overlap in coverage area. This will diminish the rate of brown spots, or general spotty coverage in your lawn. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO), we can realign your sprinkler heads with ease!

Observe and maintain your sprinklers

Spend some time seeing your sprinklers in action, be aware of things that aren’t working properly, and give Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Colorado Springs, CO) a call to get things running smoothly again!  (719) 357-6682

Click here for more tips to keep your lawn looking the way it needs to!

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