Winter on its way? Time to get your sprinkler system winterized before it gets damaged by the cold weather. Damage caused by incorrect winterization is the number one source of sprinkler damage. Don’t make it hard for yourself in the spring. Winterize today! Learn more about our winterization services on our franchise website.


What to Expect

Sprinkler Master goes through a 5 step checklist to winterize your lawn irrigation system.

  First, we will shut off your main line or the stop-and-waste valve.
  Then, we’ll hook up our commercial air compressor and run air through each zone to insure that each zone on the sprinkler system is adequately drained to prevent damage.
  We then set the sprinkler timer accordingly for winter use.
  If necessary, we will open the bleeder valves.
  We shut down the back flow by turning the ports to open and putting the ball valves to 45° degrees.

Yes, sprinkler systems should be winterized before the temperature begins to reach freezing. If a system is not winterized, it is susceptible to which could cause cracked valves, pipes, or backflow preventers. This could cause necessary repairs before the sprinkler system can be turned on in the spring.
It depends on the number of zones that you have, but we winterize most houses for $60. No prepayment or contracts required.
No problem! When we check your controller, we can tell right away how many zones you have.
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